Monday, February 24, 2014

Walking With Needles and Body Bags In New York Couture Fashion Week

Last week I walked in the Laurie Elyse "Bandages" Collection at New York Couture Fashion Week. I closed the show which is a huge deal in the fashion world and it was such as honor to do this, especially for a collection like this. The "Bandages" collection took a traditionally disturbing subject about death and translated it into living art. Both Laurie and I have faced the insurmountable reality of death at a young age. Her strength in living with Multiple Sclerosis and using her personal experience to cultivate such an artistic yet meaningful message is amazing. I felt so privileged to be able to walk her runway carrying the type of syringes that impaled my arms for months when I had meningitis. I always like to support people who have supported me. For information about Laurie Elyse and her collections, visit
Daisi Jo Runway Closer for Laurie Elyse "Bandages" Collection

Daisi Jo Runway Closer for Laurie Elyse "Bandages" Collection


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