Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chinatown Firecracker 10k Run

Firecracker Run Finisher's Medal
As many times as I have done this route just for fun, I was definitely ready to start and ready to finish on February 23rd! On the heels of returning from New York from the frigid weather that is still plaguing the east coast, it was hard getting into the rhythm and pacing of the race. For anyone that is not familiar with this route, let me tell you - it is a doozy! It starts at the bottom flat end of Chinatown and winds up the side of Elysian Park to the top of Dodger Stadium and then down the side of the park back to the flat side of Chinatown. The uphill part is grueling if you do not like hills and/or heat! I ran the route 3 times the week before the race and I run it about once a week on the regular basis so I knew it well.

As a Chinatown local, it is always an exciting feeling when the streets begin to crowd with people for an event. The day before was the bike race and so the energy had only increased over night. The race is very well organized. The community here is pretty experienced with organizing public events and the community is very involved. If you are looking to gain experience running races or organizing one, this is a good place to watch, volunteer and learn. 

I picked up my swag bag the day before. It was a funny surprise to see a bag of Mahatma Brown Rice that by the way, is Kosher approved! I did munch on the Breakfast on the Go Oatmeal Nut Blend although it wasn’t as favorable as some other granola mixes. By the time I got to the Corn Thins and my Vegetable Lo Mein, I was carved up and ready to roll as long as I didn’t exert too much energy by the next morning. I am still holding onto the Tiger Balm and Seasorb for a time when I will need it. Perhaps that will be after my next full marathon, who knows!

Goodie Bag
Firecracker Run 10k T-Shirt
 The only thing I had a gripe about was that they were only providing bag checks for people that took the Metro. Although, I live ridiculously close to the start line (like a block away), I still wanted to convenience of checking my bag so that after the race I didn’t have to hightail it home before enjoying the festivities, etc.

I really love this years race t-shirt graphic and the calendar. It has got an edginess to it that makes you feel like a badass. The medal isn’t as nice as the one from the New Year Race but I am equally proud to have it! By the way, I wore my first Fabletics Outfit and so many female runners loved it, check it out!



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