Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Daisi Makes a Guest Appearance on WCOBM's Nadya's Identity Files

Daisi stopped by WCOBM’s TV Network to chat with Nadya Rousseau, host of Nadya’s Identity Files; a live weekly talk show centered around guests who have carved out a unique and sometimes obscure identity.

Daisi spoke about how she crafted her identity as a Modelpreneur. Daisi was joined by life coach and founder of, Mira Joleigh. You can see the full interview here, 

About Nadya’s Identity Files

On the world stage, we play not one but many roles. Identities generated by the family, professions and society at large are a complex and layered phenomenon that requires greater introspection in the digital age. Shedding more light on this topic is the new television show, Nadya’s Identity Files, created and hosted by Nadya Rousseau. The show offers guests an opportunity to voice their thoughts and share theories of personal identities. Past shows have included exploration of identity in the context of chronic illness, sexual identities, political identity, identities in relationships, and feminist identities!

Live Every Tuesday @11am PST




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